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Singing & Piano Lessons
Private Lessons for children and adults for all levels and styles.
Years of on stage performance combined with excellent teaching skills for body control, voice techniques, breath control and stage performance.

Everyone can sing. Weather you desire to sing professionally or just for fun, Becky can help you sing better. She approaches singing in a natural, healthy, and enjoyable manner.
Enjoy learning how to sing in English, Italian, German, French and other languages.
Also teaching/coaching body control, resonance and projection techniques, performance and image coaching for competition and audition.
Piano lessons are given in classical conservatory style.

Please call to arrange a free assessment for the star in your family!

References speak the loudest for anyone's ability to teach. You should be encouraged and advised to contact some of the references if you are considering to take up lessons. Below are some comments from my students and their parents:

"My experience and enjoyment of singing and music took another turn when I met Becky. I have almost instantly moved to a higher level of performance. Her singing techniques and coaching have corrected my singing performance that allowed me to sing such difficult pieces with ease."
- Karen, Toronto, Ontario

"Becky is an outstanding singing teacher, my daughter has excelled under her direction. Becky adapts to the needs of her students to achieve their highest potential."
- Joan V., Parent, Burlington, Ontario

"Since the age of 6 (now 13), Jordy has won many medals in piano recitals and competitions. Moreover, he has gained tremendous self confidence and experience. We enjoy the music he plays for family tremendously."
- Antonia, Proud Mother, Toronto

"My husband and I had tears in our eyes when we listened to our son actually performing on stage playing piano. He has learned how to read music in less than two years. He can easily play over 10 pieces in piano (level 5) now. Becky has given him much confidence and love for music."
- Berin & Al, Parents, Toronto

More details may be made available upon request.

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